It feels like an opportune time to break the fourth wall and discuss what exactly I’m doing with the website.

The basic idea is that I’m fleshing out three major worlds. One of these is a Horror Universe (Family of Fang and Claw) another is a Sci-Fi Universe (Age of Fusion) and the last is a Fantasy Universe (The Tide World). I’m writing short chapters in each of these words which you should be able to tell apart by the feature images on the front page. Every so often, when I’ve written enough content in one world, I’m writing an exclusive piece and publishing a short collection on Amazon.

That means every five or six stories there will be a story you can only get with the bundle on Amazon. That story will probably be the longest and “best” of the group, since it only seems fair to do it that way. This also feels like the best way to keep me productive and “Get Me Out There.”

I’m trying not to talk too much about future projects, but:

-The Age of Fusion is basically Elon Musk fan fiction. It’s set 10-20 years in the future where SpaceX has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

If you don’t know a lot about SpaceX, may I suggest watching this video and reading these articles? SpaceX may be the most inspiring company of our time. And it is led by a man who may end up being, no exaggeration, the most essential human being who has ever lived. Essential as in, if he had not been born or been born a few decades later, I don’t know how we would have stopped ourselves from being driven into extinction.

I was inspired to write these stories because I was sitting around watching one of the Falcon 9 First Stage landings and feeling like a huge piece of shit for not having finished my engineering degree where I could contribute anything mechanical to SpaceX. So I decided to write about them (in a non-copyright infringing way, of course) and how awesome they are instead.

Felt like the best thing I could do.

The first group of stories (Meet the Martians) gets us through the mid 2020’s to the mid 2030’s and from Earth to Mars. The next group of stories will gets us from the mid 2030’s to the late 2050’s and deal with building the first few cities on Mars and a place called SUSS LAB. Then we’ll do some character turn over and get through the 2060’s and 2070’s which will deal with… wait and see.

The stories go to about the year 3,000 from our way of dating things, although obviously we’re not going to cover that in twenty year segments. There should be 40’ish stories in total and include everything from planet ships to ASI.

If you’ve noticed my rather aggressive stance on what I call “Fusion Culture” I’m doing that for many reasons. Those reasons will be explored as the stories progress but they’re evident today. Largely, I’m concerned that if we fail to fuse together Earth’s diverse cultures we might get bumped back to the Stone Age. Anything I can do to show that working in a non-depressing/non-preachy way, I’m happy to do.

-The Family of Fang and Claw will be exactly 13 stories long. I’m going to rush on those for the next while and try to finish them all by Halloween. Half would be free here, the other half would be exclusive to the collection. The issue is that I wrote them out of sequence so that’s not as quick as it sounds since there is a timeline to work with…

Bad call on that one.

The stories deal with a “Family” of world-hopping monsters who seek to destroy all humanity. Their real true names are all vices like Terror of Joy, Bane of Error, the Hate You Feel for Those who Love You but they hide among us under more common names pushing us toward evil. The Family will kill you if they have to, but they’d rather make you do the work for them.

The recurring character in the stories is Seth, a man who lived with the Family for a time as a child and escaped. He now spends his life trying to find a way to seal them away from our World. You may notice he has had some contact with a certain family in West Virginia.

-The Tide World stories… well these are more apt to be a series of novellas leading up to a novel. I’m trying to finish off a novel set in the Tide World but I’m wanting it to be “Holy Shit” amazing before I let it go. That might take a while since I’m not yet very good with novels.

On the other hand, I can crank off a strong story between 10k-20k words in a few weeks and I’m sure you’d all love to read something new in that setting. I have a story about a dog in outline, where the aging issue is reversed (the dog ages one year for every seven years a human ages) which also has some pretty great monsters and another one about a Mountain Woman who is my evil grandma if my evil grandma was good and fought in a revolutionary war. You’ve read excerpts from that one in the past.

Anyhow, feedback is always welcome.

Please let me know how you’re liking things. I aim to please.

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