I’ve decided every time my beautiful brooding face is about to be pushed off the front page that it’s okay for me to do another “Breaking the Fourth Wall Post.” I’m trying to keep the site more content heavy and one blog per eight posts seems like a pretty good mix. I also think it is helpful to provide context.

Anyhow, here is what is I’m doing of late.

-Age of Fusion

I have stories outlined for the next bundle and several of them are drafted in rough form, however I’m sitting on them until after September. The reason I’m doing that is because somewhere between September 26th and September 30th, Elon Musk is going to announce his plans for the first colony on Mars. Since my stories are going to take place in a “similar but not infringing” colony I want to make sure I’m doing justice by the science. Plus, I want to make sure I’m honoring those noble souls who are actually going to get us to Mars.

I have a rough idea of what the announcement will be, because I spend way too much time alone on the internet but I want to make sure I get it 100% right.

The next set of stories will also touch on the establishment of the “Astro” “Taiko” and “Cosmo” lines. Meaning the establishment of the launch systems of those countries which will also colonize and build the population of Mars. So expect badass Russians and Chinese colonists to start showing up. Vyomanauts won’t be showing up until a few decades after.

We’re still with the same set of characters as the first bundle for the second group of stories. After that you’ll see some of them start to get phased out. But I promise you’ll love what’s coming!

I’m interested to see if CNSA or Roscosmos release any plans of their own after Elon Musk makes his presentation, so characters from those lines probably won’t come in until bundle three.

-Family of Fang and Claw

I’m trying to get all of these done by Halloween so that’s my focus right now. I was slowed a little bit by traveling and sickness but I’m back at it. These stories are a little bit tiring to write but I also find them quite cathartic.

The “Wound in the World” is the first of three stories that touches on the character of Seth, and those stories will be dispersed throughout the collection. What you’ll start to see as the stories progress is that each member of the Family has a true name that is also a theme. The Family has to get someone to fulfill this theme in order to “make their death count” so to speak. It’s part of the ritual that allows the Family to destroy worlds.

These stories are pretty dark so keep that in mind before reading. I’m trying to channel everything I know about real wickedness into them, but I’m also trying to channel everything I know about real coping. So hopefully that comes through.

Super creepy stuff, and I’m trying to hold nothing back.

-The Tide World

I have a novel I’m working on and that’s about it for extant Tide World projects. Like I’ve said before, I want it to be “Holy Shit Amazing” before releasing it. That will take time.

I also have a couple of novellas I’ve let grow cold that I’ll probably brush off once I’m done with the Family of Fang and Claw stories. You’ll eventually see the slider up top have more and more graphics (and better graphics as time and finances allow) as I build out more and more worlds.

-Reviews of Random Things

I had a plan to review books here, but most of what I read is SFF and it’s surprisingly tricky to review something in a meaningful way nowadays without feeling like you’re about to kick a hornet’s nest. Everything has moved to political extremes and the tension is palpable. You know when you’d go over to a friends house as a kid (in my case, I was that friend) and there was this sense of danger hanging over everything? Like you were in the booby-trapped Indiana Jones temple? Remember how you didn’t want to say or do anything because you knew the slightest misstep would cause the mom and dad to freak out and start fighting? SFF is like that now.

So unless I have something really interesting long-form to say I think brevity is the greater part of virtue.


Watch Stranger Things on Netflix

It’s like my childhood nostalgia punching me in the face with glory.

Watch Black Mirror on Netflix

Season 2 was great and the Christmas special was just a spot on parable for the modern age.

Read everything you can by Cixin Liu

He’s got a novel called Death’s End coming out in September (make sure you start with The Three Body Problem) and it already looks like it will knock me on my ass from the excerpts I’ve read. His short fiction is also astounding and I’ve read all the English translations available.

I’m beginning to feel for Cixin Liu what cowboys in the old west must have felt for their best dames. Any time I hear someone say he is anything other than a genius, I have the desire to smash bottles and throw men through saloon doors.

The latest John Cleaver Novel, Over Your Dead Body

Long time readers know I love the John Cleaver books. Very poignant statements about good and evil there. And not statements like “Good guys wear white clothes, and bad guys have black goatees.” Statements like “sometimes to do the right thing you have to choose something that is going to hurt you.”

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down

Mechanical engineering made accessible and interesting. I never thought something that is essentially a textbook could be so interesting. Give it a read, you’ll love it and you’ll even learn a thing or two.

Oh, hey, looks like I have stuff on Amazon as well…

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