So, I was told it’s probably unreasonable to live and produce things in a cave and not ever go out into the world and try to find people who enjoy the kinds of things you make. I was dubious about this idea as that’s more or less what I did on my old blog and it all worked out okay. Then I remembered the way the other blog came about is that I talked to and interacted with other people for a brief period of time. And I didn’t have to do anything that made me feel gross or like a salesperson trying to swindle someone when I did that.

And I went, hmmmmm.

And I thought, hmmmmmmmmmm.

Then someone I know from work told me about this awesome community called r/nosleep on reddit which is basically where everyone who reads stuff I like congregates on the internet. The rules of the board there are that you have to act as though everything is true which I find to be a deeply important part of the community. I think it’s as cruel to tell a fourteen year old kid in high school that there is no Bloody Mary and that there is no Candy Man as it is to walk up to a child of three or four and laugh at them for believing in Santa Claus. You’re supposed to have something to scare the shit out of you at that age. It’s important for your development so you know how to be scared or truly awful things later on.

I posted the Pancake Family there (and was oddly enough accused of having stolen from myself, which was deeply amusing and thankfully resolved in short order) and it… did really, really well. And that made me really, really happy. Nothing beats being read. Nothing. I’d rather have a million readers than a million dollars.

You can check that out the response of the Pancake Family, here.

The community is a lot of fun if you’re in the mood for horror stories. Check out u/iia if you get the chance and you’re in the mood for some gore.

I did post another (actually true story) from my old site archives which didn’t do as well but that was okay as I figured it wouldn’t. It was probably a bit too real to have that good, stylized horror story feeling. Horror is as much about tone as plot. Plus, it’s always hard to explain the kind of stuff that happens in Aberdeen to outsiders because it all sounds too fantastical and none of it feels true even though it happened. Suffice it to say, a version of those events did actually occur although in a slightly different fashion than I had originally been told when my dad, my brother and I first drove to the Chip Pile.

Family of Fang and Claw

I’m working hard to have some horror stories done by Halloween. This will be novel length. For-real-full-novel length (around 130,000 words) and all the stories interconnect so it will probably even read like a novel. I feel like I’m going to get in trouble for writing and it and every time I work on it for a few hours I feel unsafe when I walk to my car. So that’s a good sign.

I also have a dread someone is going to read it over my shoulder when I’m at the coffee shop. I’m sure it violates some obscenity law or something.



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