It can be late once or it can suck forever

~Some Guy (or Gal) Patrick Rothfuss Quoted Once (I think, unless Patrick Rothfuss actually said it)

Or twice, as may be the case since I’ve promised this a couple of times. As I’ve worked on these stories… they’ve grown. They’ve grown into something a lot like a novel more than a series of short stories. I’m not done with them yet and I’m not ready to let go of what I have right now. They need a good polishing. I think I’m making something that could be in some small way, a classic work. Not the kind of classic you’d read to make yourself feel better but the kind of classic you read to assure yourself you know precisely how wrong life can be and the kind of classic that could let you empathize with those among us who have suffered most. And the kind of classic that says even when you’ve suffered the most, you’ve still got to get up anyway.

So, they’re not done yet. I’m not going to lock myself into another due date. They will be done and hopefully sooner rather than later and they will sparkle. I promise that. They will sparkle with a dark magic like the moon on the ocean at night.

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