I’m working on some more Family of Fang and Claw stories, but these ones have to be put in the back cabinet until the whole collection is finished. You know the old saying? Nobody will buy the pig if you’re giving the sausage away for free. So, I’m setting aside my hard work for the steadfast young maidens who will one day see the untapped potential of my pig and pay top dollar for my sausage.

I am some pig, ladies and gentlemen.

I carried that analogy a lot further than I was expecting to.

In other news, this is taking a LOT longer than I thought it would. I’m sorry for that. I’m forcing them out this time and I’m determined I need to teach myself how to do that because it’s so easy to write everything when it feels good and so hard when it doesn’t. I’ve got four Family of Fang and Claw stories you haven’t seen at all yet and bits of all the others and I’m assembling them as quick as I can. They’re so creepy and I know at least one is on the same level as the Pancake Family, or will be after I give it another three or four passes.

I’ll still probably post one-off things to reddit’s nosleep as I find that a nice way to de-stress.

My Martian Government

Is progressing, although it’s still pretty much all up in my head. I’m working out the philosophical basis (which is where the justness of any government comes from) and my whole goal here is to 1. establish something plausible enough I can use it in the Age of Fusion 2. something usefully stupid enough that it can serve as a real basis for actual Martian colonists to dick around with.

Swing big, miss big. Remember though, to step up to the plate at all, you first had to conceive all of baseball. Abner Doubleday wasn’t a great player, but he did have a great mind. This probably won’t work, but it’ll be close enough to working that someone else might come along and give it the right touch.

The idea is to basically wipe out career politicians, regional and special interests, select for competence, add feedback mechanisms against structural injustice, and maximize individual liberty to the point where government isn’t much of a day to day concern anyhow. Leaders are also selected by topic, not by region.

My rule of thumb is: once something seems exciting or dramatic, take it out. Governments shouldn’t be a form of theater, politicians should not be actors, and actors should not have the powers of a god. The true enemies of mankind are the cold, the quiet, and the dark. We are the fire, the music and the light.

The sooner we understand that, the sooner we can get our shit together enough to spread out from the Earth.

Also, how fucking crazy is everything I just wrote?

Valentine’s Day

I’ve been in a relationship now for over two years.

I find it suits me very well, and I’d rather keep it all to myself for that very reason. But I will say that I’ve found it to be nothing at all like a movie, or a story or a book, but that it’s better than all of those things because it’s deeply real and it’s one of the very few deeply real things you ever get to have in life.

It’s work like everything good is work, and how good it is depends on how much work you put into it.

I love you, Amanda.

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