For a long time I’ve been uncomfortable in my own skin.

You all know this.

How many names have I written under? How many times have I attempted an “ultimate transformation?” Too damn many. No wonder everyone is annoyed by me.

I need you to bear with me one more time.

I have now decided, based on a snapchat filter, that my new calling is to become a French Bunny Rabbit named “Sebastian.”


Look deep into my eyes.

Burrow into them in fact.

Do you feel your heart thumping?

Your nose twitching?

You’ll do whatever I want now, won’t you?


As it happens, I have a story in print. The Pancake Family, as it happens. If you haven’t read it yet, or if you’re just a super good person who believes in others and making the world magical, and that love is real, you should buy it right goddamn here. Right now. No hesitation. I don’t care if your child needs an organ or you have a sick dog, look up into those goddamn beautiful eyes. Those soft velveteen ears. Lil’ guy needs you to buy.

So buy.


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