When did I go and become an old man?

More importantly, when did I start opening up every blog I write with surprise that time kept on passing in a linear fashion?

Snuck up on me. I suppose it does on everyone. First time passes and you’re like “holy crap! When did I become comfortably middle class? I diversified a portfolio? When did cops and high schoolers start looking like babies?!?!?” Then you go to the remnants of your once vast on-line audience and in an effort to keep your private life private you start commenting on the generalities of age hoping to spark some remnant of the total disclosure you can no longer give. It’s a common story. Happens to us all. I guess everything just follows from there.

As of April 1st, I am now the unremarkable age of 32 and I have literal gray hairs on the side of my head, which I’m hoping in the coming decade will form dignified gray wings instead of just spreading all over the place.

Aside from aging, metabolizing nutrients, and entering into nightly rest cycles, I am also writing.

I wrote a real whalloping creeper of a story for Family of Fang and Claw not long ago. Made me shudder. And may I just say in case one of the ten of you left is a movie producer, that it would make an excellent film? It would.

Now, let’s just sit here and know that for a while.

We done?

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I still need a second.

Ooh, God, such a good film.

Alright, I’m good now too.

You don’t get to read it yet, because a gentleman can’t give the sausage away for free and still expect people to buy the pig. I know I used that before, but it does give me a really nice belly laugh. The story conceptually is really great but I need to sprinkle in a few more personal details before it sings. It’s about choices and also evil doors.

I’m polishing up an Age of Fusion story, polishing up some Family of Fang and Claw stories, and doing my best to be a better person by being better at being a person.

So I hope everyone is well and I’ll do my best to do something interesting in the near future.

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