For anytime you need help obscuring what would otherwise be clear:

A– Aye

B– Bee

C– Champagne

D– Djvorak

E– Eye

F– Fizz (make a “fizzing” sound)

G– Gnome

H– Honest

I– Illegal (pronounced E-Legal)

J– Javier

K– Know

L– Lub Dub (make a “Heart Beat” sound)

M– Mnemonic

N– No

O– One

P– Phonetic

Q– Que?

R– Roar (make a “Roar” sound)

S– Sea

T– Tsunami

U– Umlaut

V– Vroom (make a “Vroom” sound)

W– Won

X– XXX (Pronounced ‘Triple Proof”)

Y– You

Z– ZZZ (Pronounced “Sleep”)

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