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Say you’re a male, liberal, ethnically Jewish, atheist going about your day to your atheist events all wrapped up in talking about philosophical materialism, empiricism, ineffability, etc. It’s all just stuff happening after other stuff in an unbroken chain of cause and effect since the first moment of being… and then one day you see her.

She’s holding a sign that says “God Hates Fags” and screaming at you that God is cursing American soldiers because men are having sex with each other or something.

Something inside your chest skips a beat, but how can it be your heart? The heart has no feeling! You tweet with this ultra religious firebrand, infecting her with your skepticism and soon… you get married?

I mean wow.

Next time I see a protest and two people are really getting up in each other’s faces, I’m hoping one of them shouts “Why are you so angry?” and then someone on the other side yells “Because I love you too much, goddamnit!”

Then they kiss.

I’m agog.

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