Howdy folks, I think it’s probably time to give everyone an update on how I’m doing with the Family of Fang and Claw.

I’m very close to being done and -while there’s still a lot of work to do- I should be done in time for October. I know I’ve said that the last two Octobers, but it wasn’t really true unless I resorted to doing flash fiction for the remaining stories. It would have been sloppy and unsatisfying. I wouldn’t have been happy with that, and neither would you. What I’m going to give you instead is 13 intersecting stories that will read much more like a novel.

There’s about 70k words “completely completed,” and probably something like 15k written in partials for the remaining stories. The last story will probably sit somewhere around 30k words on its own, as it completes the character arc of Seth, and I’m thinking the entire collection will sit somewhere between 100k and 120k. If it were a paperback novel, that would sit it somewhere between 350-400 pages.

It’s big, it’s real, and it will knock you flat on your ass.

I’m hoping to have first drafts of everything done by the end of July -the big thing holding me back has been my available time, and I’ve worked that out for the rest of this year at least- and second drafts done by August and everything finalized by September. Then I’m going to push this out to every single reviewer of horror fiction I can possibly find and plan for a release date on October 13th.

The collection will be available on Amazon eBook for $6.66 and my Patreon -more on that below- starting at $3/mos.

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents although some titles may change.

1 Reunion Re-Draft
2 The Pancake Family Completed
3 The Chooser Completed
4 Totem First Draft
5 Gehenna Completed
6 Glass Tongue Partial Draft
7 The Chance Completed
8 The God of Halfway Completed
9 Fat-Thulu Completed
10 Doors of the Dark Completed
11 The Order of Edges Completed
12 Widdershins Partial Draft
13 The Choice Partial Draft

Some of those “Completeds” will still need a minor bit of tweaking depending on a few things I may or may not do with the other stories, but those tweaks would be very minor and wouldn’t provide much delay. The Chooser, The Chance, and The Choice are all stories of “Seth” and will serve as the backbone against which all the other stories are set. Fat-Thulu is a new name for The Feeder of Her, because it’s obviously a much funner name and more fitting of that particular story. I’m not very good with titles, so as I said before, you will probably see a lot of that change in the final collection.

Of the remaining stories, I’m planning to make The Doors of the Dark and Widdershins publicly available, although only the former of those would be in a format that would work for r/nosleep. I’ll probably write some one-off fiction on r/nosleep though that’s set in the same world. I also have some one-off stuff I’ve been thinking on but haven’t had time to write, as I’ve been trying to figure out how to top the Pancake Family for a while and I think I have a concept I can rework that might just do the trick. There are stories in the collection that will top the Pancake Family, but they’re not first person and wouldn’t work in that format.

If you thought the first part of the God of Halfway was bad, wait till you read the ending.

After The Family of Fang and Claw is completed I’ll still write horror on a one-off basis, but I’ll primarily focus on the Age of Fusion and finishing up a novel I’ve been working on set in the Tide World. I may even return to the cosmos (hint hint, wink wink, oh I can’t wait for that reveal) but it won’t be in as dedicated a fashion. Unless this really hits home instead of selling the tens of copies I expect it to and demands a sequel.


I do everything through Amazon because it’s easy, but I know that doesn’t work for everyone. For that reason, I’ve started a Patreon. Also, because of money -but mostly because I know that Amazon doesn’t work for everyone. The starting price is pretty cheap $3/mos, and you get access to everything I’ve written at that amount including Family Stories from the old blog. Any time I write anything “exclusive” you get access to that too.

At higher amounts you get more stuff -including at one level the ability to view my Google Drive, which I made super expensive because I don’t actually want anyone to do it- but $3/mos felt like a pretty fair price. At certain levels of income I can make certain promises about what I’m able to deliver. While I’m not really expecting to turn a profit for this, I thought it might be neat to funnel the money back into the site. For example, if I make $250/mos which is at the very highest limit of what I could foresee myself making, I would just funnel all of that money into commissioning art for my stories. $500/mos and I would do audio adaptations, etc.

If you want to read two Family of Fang and Claw stories before the collection is released, they’re currently up on my Patreon right now. Namely, The Halfway God and The Order of Edges. Hope you enjoy if you look and that this doesn’t appear to be a naked money grab.


Tear Down This Paywall!

$3 or more per month
  • This will get you access to any and all finished exclusive content that I write…  unless I get a publishing deal or something, or there’s some other legal reason I can’t let you see something. Anything I can give you, I will give you.
  • This will also get you access to my archives, so you can read all the completed work I’ve written up to the point you sign up.

Ten George Washingtons, One Vote

$10 or more per month
  • All Previous Rewards
  • Take part in a monthly vote as to what my next short story project will be.

Notice me, Senpai!

$15 or more per month
  • All previous rewards
  • I will name at least one character after you in a story. You get to choose the story genre and provide a physical description.
  • What the heck, if you keep contributing at this level, you can give me other names too except I can’t promise how often I’ll be able to use them.

Let’s Get Physical

$25 or more per month
  • All Previous Rewards
  • I will mail you a random autographed noun. Person, place, thing or idea. As long as my fiancee says it’s okay and it’s somewhere I can grab it.
  • I will write an off-the-wall biography of you and put it on a contributor’s page on my website. Very praising (unless you’re like a sex criminal or something using this to try to feel legitimate about yourself instead of going to therapy for  years) and flattering, of course.
  • IF (so you may want to think about this) I reach the point where I can start making high quality physical books I will send these to you. If I get published, I will literally buy you the book and send it to you. This starts at the time of your patronage.

Big Brother

$50 or more per month
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  • You’ll get view-only access to my Google Drive. You’ll be able to see everything  I’m working on as I’m working on it. Including unfinished novels, unfinished short stories, and notes to myself about the worlds I’m building. The only thing you won’t be able to see is the master outlines for unfinished work.
  • Uh… please also understand this is where I work things out, so it’s entirely possible that you’ll hate what you see here.

Elon Musk Level God-Mode

$100 or more per month
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  • I will personally feel about you the same way I feel about Elon Musk. If someone insults you, I will get a weirdly intense emotional reaction and talk about what a good person you are and brush over all of your faults. Then I’ll make pie-in-the-sky compliments about you and how you’re basically the best person who has ever lived and claim that you are going to fix everything.
  • If you ARE Elon Musk, I will literally* crap my pants
  • There is no real reason anyone should contribute at this level, or above $3/mos if I’m being honest



$3 – reached! per month
When I am earning $3/month I will feel that this was not a total waste of time.
$25 per month
When I am earning $25/month I will say to myself “Huh, that was more than I expected. Cool.”
$50 per month
I will commit to writing one short story per month.
$100 per month
I will commit to writing one short story per month as well as one piece of non-fiction.
$250 per month
I will use the money I am making from Patreon to commission art for my stories.
$500 per month
I will use the money I am making from Patreon to commission audio adaptations of my stories.
$1,000 per month
I will be officially uncomfortable with how well I am doing at this. Uh… I’ll host a big google hangout and have a party for four hours? And get really drunk in front of everyone and sing sea chanties? And maybe I’ll start doing monthly videos? And commit to one blog post a week?
$2,500 per month
I’ll get really worried about the tax implications of this and vote on physical locations to throw a party? And we can do it once a year? Also, I will hire an editor and start making physical books.
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I will run for President of the United States of America, lead a reform campaign to update the structures of our government which can no longer function in the modern world and rebuild healthcare based around a direct hospital subscription model of my own invention to align incentives to bring down prices while increasing the benefits of care. I will invest heavily in the space mining industry and use the profits to reduce the national debt and fund a space elevator, moving humanity into a post scarcity era. When the debt has been paid down sufficiently, I will move the currency of the US to a crypto Blockchain currency resistant to hacking by a Quantum Computer in order to reduce corruption and provide meaningful resistance to an AI takeover of the World Economy. At the end of my second term, I will have a Neural Lace installed and crack the meaning of the universe and ascend to Godhood and solve all of humanity’s problems.
$50,001 per month
I will suspend my campaign for President of the United States of America.
$100,000 per month
I will go to Mars when my space-father Elon Musk makes it possible to do so, even though my fiancee told me I couldn’t.

$100,001 per month

Okay fine, I won’t go to Mars, Amanda

$1,000,000 per month

I will give up carbs and never stop talking about it and be really inconvenient at restaurants and weddings. I will pretend this is due to a Gluten allergy I don’t really have.



Gray · July 6, 2017 at 7:09 am

Haven’t read your stuff in a long time, you’re still awesome I see. Good to be back.

    AA Peterson · July 6, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    *Double high five!* I’d start out on the story pages up above so you read stuff in order. Good hearing from you again.

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