So there’s a 20% chance my book is cursed, which I figure is pretty high as far as cursed book probabilities go.

Not sure why I’m sharing this, other than I’m not quite sure how to feel about it and it’s kind of spooky.

I don’t really believe in bad luck or Karma, and as far as my philosophical outlook I lean very heavily toward empiricism and reason. However… I also feel like every now and again the universe just does something to screw with you. I call it “Cosmic Horseshit.”

When I wrote that Pretzel-Lasagna review that went viral the next day I actually made a lasagna. Then I accidentally left it on an oven burner and because the cheese had made a perfect seal over the top of the pan, it exploded all over my kitchen. It looked like a murder scene. Perfectly explainable, a bit ironic, and maybe even subconsciously driven.

There’s been some “Cosmic Horseshit” with The Family of Fang and Claw, and it hasn’t been funny.

I’m going to avoid linking to the book other than for the image at the top of this page. It feels scummy to promote it in this blog.

As you know, I released The Family of Fang and Claw on 10/13/17 which was Friday the 13th, and it was available for $6.66 in eBook and $16.66 in paperback. I’m sure I could have somehow involved walking under a broken ladder and breaking a  mirror, but it felt like I was messing with the universe enough.

That same day, my brother’s dog was hit by a car and died.

(SPOILER) A dog dies in the book and it’s a pretty pivotal plot point.

Pips was one of the few dogs I ever really, truly loved. She was friendly and loving and from the second she first saw me she wanted to be my friend. The feeling was mutual. Anytime I slept over at my brother’s, Pips slept in the bed with me. It broke my heart when she died, but you can highlight the line above if you want to understand how spooky that also felt.

I’ve only sold about twenty copies of the book so far (no worries, it’s seriously not for everyone, and I really recommend you think long and hard before you decide if you want to read it. I wrote a book that was hard to read on purpose and not everyone should read it) and I know of three other instances where something really bad happened to the person immediately after they bought it or started reading it.

Two people almost died after getting the book.

And not just “close call” almost died, like they were almost hit by a car, but “had to go to the hospital” almost died.

I won’t say more as I don’t have specific permission, but one happened right after buying the book and another happened right after finishing the book.

Another person got halfway through the book and then got food poisoning so bad they couldn’t eat for an entire day.

Four out of twenty.

That puts your odds at about 20% of something terrible happening if you buy my book.

That I know of so far.

Almost certainly coincidence, but it’s “Cosmic Horseshitty” enough that I thought I’d let you know as another general warning.

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