Andrew Peterson is the real name of the blogger formerly known as BC Woods of DunceUponATime who will hopefully soon be known for other more important things than that at which point in time he will update this about page. Probably best known for writing stories about his weird life, without any thought to how jarring or embarrassing some of those might be, he’s engaged now so he has to take writing a lot more seriously if he’s still going to find time to do it.

He generally has a distant/tired/lifeless/somber expression as shown above. However, he does not normally shift his head slightly to the left. Or hold an iPad camera two feet in front of his face.

If you want to read all the old Dunce Upon A Time stories, you can find all the Fantasy stories and fiction here. A lot of those worlds are continued on this website. The Family Stories are no longer available (unless you’re an old, old commenter or somebody who I am otherwise “e-quainted” with, in which case: email me) as it’s deeply uncomfortable to be an adult and sit across from someone and think Oh this person knows about every formative experience I’ve ever had. Ever. And I know literally nothing about them.

If you are in the media (or, let’s be honest about possibilities here, if you have a blog or facebook) and really liked something I wrote and want to write about it, please feel free to use the above picture, as well as any other pictures you have found on this site.

If you really really hated something I wrote, whether that be for political reasons, personal reasons or some other reason, I understand. I’m also not my biggest fan, but I’m broken inside so I write stuff. Anyway, if you hate me, please feel free to use the picture below when talking about me, as it is the worst picture of me that I know to exist. I aim to please.


If it’s better for you, for some reason, to imagine me as a woman: here is a picture of my best friend Bryn.


If you prefer to imagine me as a giant phallus engaging in a sword fight, with an evil giant phallus, I also have a picture of that which I’m not putting here because I’m trying to be professional. Also, everyone I try to give it to, seems strangely reluctant to take it. Anyway, I’m trying to be professional now. That’s why I said phallus. Anyway, feel free to imagine me as that, if you want is what I’m saying. I’m not the Thought Police.

If you really, really need to talk to me you can contact me using the form below. If you’re delusional and approach your whole life with a sense of entitlement and just feel like you want to talk to me, it works for that too. If you’re delusional, hate yourself, but in your paranoid reality still somehow find it to be vitally important that I read a message from you, it should still work. It works pretty well, whoever you are, actually.