The Age of Fusion: Meet the Martians

In the near future, Earth-native hominids have landed on Mars and for at least these few intrepid apes there’s a chance at a fresh start. The power of cultural authorship has been seized, the flame of a new renaissance has been kindled, and a whole new civilization is under construction.

There is now an entire world where no individual has ever been murdered, where no nation has warred on another and no crime has been committed. At least for now.

The hominids have many examples to draw on of past civilizations, many opportunities to fail, but they are bound and determined to try to make a future worth living in. To succeed, they’re going to have to use all the grit, intelligence and determination that got them to the Red Planet in the first place.

Dunce Upon A Time: The Complete BC Woods Fiction

These are all the fiction stories from my old website. A lot of them take place in “The Tide World” which is a Fantasy world I’ve done a lot of work in. It also has other stories such as “Cormac” which is a story about making fun of an unstoppable monster until it kills itself, “Lights Out” which is basically the Purge (I wrote it before the Purge) with a surveillance rationale, and many more. And by many more, I mean like five or six more other than the Tide World stories.

Making Deals with Devils

This is actually free on reddit as “The Booger” under my name u/aapeterson. I’d appreciate the buy of course, but no obligation and I don’t want anyone to feel misled.

Abby has just returned home after being injured in the war. Thinking she will have no concerns other than adjusting back to civilian life, she is unprepared for the horrors that await her. With her lifelong friend Rusty, Abby faces a Booger. The Booger is supernatural creature of legend that is stealing something vital and essential from children. No one who has seen it can speak of it. No one in its sight can deny its terrible will.

Rock Bottom

You have to have someone to miss you before you can go missing.

Martie Newburg is a junkie. That label has destroyed everything. He’s no longer a millionaire, no longer a renowned make of video games. Heroin has taken it all. Martie now finds himself begging for money, living in homeless shelters if he’s lucky enough to find a bed, and sleeping in a drain culvert when he’s not. His entire fortune has been consumed by his addiction.

Martie is alone as a human being can be while still breathing.

There’s one chance left. Before losing everything, Martie created a trap for himself. A way to break his addiction. A prison where he will be incapable of falling prey to his personal demons. All he has to do is push a button and he won’t even have the chance to fail. He’ll disappear from the world and come back a changed man.

But can he subject himself to that kind of hell?

An inspiring story of addiction, recovery and the relationship between creators and their creations.

6 thoughts on “eBooks

  1. I just bought all the ebooks I could lay my hands on even though I read the free stuff on reddit. Yes, it is that good. Definitely. Great writing, I need your stories in my life! Amazing writing, great stories.
    Please go on writing and sharing it with us! I only recently discovered you on reddit and spend a few hours glued to my phone, reading… Thank you so much!

    1. May I just say that you are a heroic champion who exists on a plane of timeless immortals in terms of personal excellence?

      1. Are you talking to yourself again? 😛
        No, seriously – I love your stories. I really, really dig the great ideas, I am a sucker for stories like that. The writing is very good, too – but one of the best things besides all that is – for me – the way you manage to bring the people in your stories to life, with a few words here, a sentence there… that’s amazing!
        Like those sketch artists that manage to grab the essentials with a few strokes of their pens… Awesome.

        1. I’m so glad you like them! And I promise to keep writing stories until they shovel dirt on me. Given family history, that’s about forty years.

          1. *fidgets*
            *looks slightly panicked*
            40? But … but… but… that’s too short!! *pushes some vegetables your way”. Here, have some vitamins.

            P.S. I hope I don’t overdue it with your comment section here – I am starting to feel like a stalker. Just give me a friendly kick and I will shut up. Eventually. Promise…

          2. I meant 40 years from now, and hopefully we’ll get some medical advances between now and then. And you’re all good! I’m pretty open to stuff, but if you want to join my facebook group it might be easier there 🙂

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