Thirteen demons of the Family have come to destroy the World.

From a dimension beyond comprehension, the Family seeks to complete the Rituals of Breaking and erode the barriers between Worlds. By turning human vice into the power for their dark magics, the Family has but to set the stage and let our frailties play out for humanity to condemn itself.

Hope comes only by Breaking the Names of the Family, for they are made vulnerable when they choose a Monument for their Rituals. If a human should choose virtue over vice and overcome their darkest desires, only then can the Family die.

It will fall to Seth, Monument of the Full Knowing Choice of Evil, to decide the ultimate Fate of the World. Seth has to answer a single question to save the world. But will he be able to find the answer in time?


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The Pancake Family

— (Performed on the NoSleep Podcast Here!)

The Chooser

Totem (Sneak Peek Only!)


Tongue Kiss (Sneak Peek Only)

The Chance (Sneak Peak Only)

Fat-Thulu (Part I, Part II)

The God of Halfway (Sneak Peak Only)

A Hell for the Common Man

The Order of Edges (Sneak Peak Only)

Free Lunch (Sneak Peak Only)

The Choice (Sneak Peak Only)

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The Booger Part I

The Booger Part II

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Help Wanted Not Opening a Door

Unrelated Horror

The Coat Rack Man