In the near future, Earth-native hominids have landed on Mars and for at least these few intrepid apes there’s a chance at a fresh start. The power of cultural authorship has been seized, the flame of a new renaissance has been kindled, and a whole new civilization is under construction. There is now an entire world where no individual has ever been murdered, where no nation has warred on another and no crime has been committed. At least for now.

The hominids have many examples to draw on for past civilizations, many opportunities to fail, but they are bound and determined to try to make a future worth living in. To succeed, they’re going to have to use all the grit, intelligence and determination that got them to the Red Planet in the first place.

Read the Stories:

Meet the Martians

-The Speed of Reality

-City in the Sky

-Flat Folding

-The Norman Rockwell of Mars

-Lift Off (Excerpt Only, Full Story Exclusive to Amazon Bundle, and Patreon)

Building the City


Later Stories

-The Specter of the Wolf