There are creatures in the world with the mouths of spiders, the wings of bats and the faces of men. Beatles that whisper lies and horrible truths from tiny red lips on their carapace. Trees with long bloody leaves that devour any who dare to touch them. Beings of dark power that can steal your soul but leave you with supernatural abilities. This is the Tide World and these are the forces of the Tide, created long ago by a race of terrible gods that weaponized entire ecosystems in their war to control the world….

The gods have long since died but their weapons remain.

Other beings, other weapons, stand in defiance. Golden-butterfly-bees, whose stingers vaccinate for disease. Feathered cats that can see into the human heart. Men and women, born the same as you or I, until a bolt of lightning finds them… changing them forever.

A wall of storms around the globe hold the shadows at bay. Lines of power provide wards against the darkness. Citadels, appearing different to every eye which beholds them, stand as beacons of hope.

This is the Tide World.

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